Hello everyone!

Well one year on and I seemed to have survived everything!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to share a song that was written for the occassion last year. As you may or may not know it is a tradition of our community to celebrate the Abbess’s feast and at the beginning and end of the feast day (both the blessing day and feast day’s – which are March 1st and May 22nd) we have a song which has been specially written for time. One of our Aspirants was asked to perform this challenge and she came up with the following song:

Hymn in honour of the Abbatial Blessing of Lady Abbess Davina Sharp  O.S.B.

Verse 1).

Father, we ask for your blessing today,

Bless our dear Mother in every way,

And may this family forever, we pray

Be filled with your grace Lord, and loving alway.

Verse 2).

Mary our Mother, our Sweetness, our Queen,

We trust in your counsel, your mercy serene,

We place our dear Abbess in your tender care,

Your mantle our refuge, we find solace there.         

Verse 3).

Jesus Our Saviour, Our Lord, and Our Friend,

Your loving mercy on our Mother send,

Lead her and guide her, let her never wend

from Your Sacred Heart Lord, her strength without end.

Verse 4).

Spirit most holy, O Paraclete dear,

With wisdom and knowledge, discernment and fear,

With strength and with counsel , and piety here,

With every grace, every gift now draw near.

Verse 5).

So may we praise You, O Trinity Best,

May You be in all hearts as our living Guest,

From sunrise to sunrise, from east and to west,

Ages on ages, O Godhead most blessed!