Hi Everyone !!

To get round now at trying to write up the Come  & See weekend will be a minor challenge I guess. I had an amazing response this year. As you know quite well this is the 3rd year running and it was our best turn out yet – we had 5 participants in the end from a possible 8 as a few had to drop off at the last minute. Still 2 of those participating had been before and that is one thing that has been an encouragement as that means there is something there to attract people back !!!

I started the evening off in the ususal manner of an Introduction talk and gave a copy of a reading from Blessed Pope John Paul II which we use at midday office, so that the participants could use that during the weekend for prayer and reflection. It was on the religious life and the meaning of a vocation.

The first full day (and it was full) had us begin with the holy rule after mass, then we all went outside into the garden and picked lots of damsons and victoria plums, which are now being bottled and made into lots of jam! After lunch I did a talk on Novitiate Formation  –  what takes place and at each step (with some explanation of the ceremony), what is studied during the first few years in the novitiate (depending obviously on the individual). After a brief interval for a break we then had a session on Divine office prep, where we went over the office for the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

The following day – after mass Sr. Benedict did a session on our house history, and again afterwards we went out to pick plenty of fruit! In the afternoon there was a treat in store for those taking part as they were invited inside to join us for a recreation tea before they went back upstairs to have the afternoon session by our chaplain, he did a talk on the psalms (I never got to that), and was enjoyed by all. After Vespers and supper there was a recreational period before private prayer in which I talked about the blessing day and showed a few photos!

The final day was fairly quiet as we had Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and it was the feast of Our Lady, email addresses were exchanged and departures took place after lunch for most.

All in all it was really great this year and now I will look forward to next year! So if you couldn’t make it for one reason or another or if those of you who took part would love to come back for another come & see weekend – I’ll see you then!

God bless and please continue to pray for us. I think one of those who took part may come as an Aspirant sometime in the future!

Sr. D