Hi Everyone!

I know it is a few months since I put up a post, things are very busy here but I just wanted to let all you fun loving pet fans about Skippy …..

This should be a post on pet’s page I guess but it’ll have to do here –  yesterday while playing with Coco, Skippy had a bad fall and as I was trying to help him he gave me (a little love bite in a big way)… he has actually dislocated his hip! Thought he would be home this afternoon, but as he was getting up his hip came out of place again. It looks like it may be an operation job tomorrow!

Coco is missing him and is crying for him, and we miss him too but hopefully he will be home tomorrw or tuesday!

Have a great Advent everyone………..

God bless –         Sr. Davina

Hi everyone……….. just to update you with news on Skippy, he came home yesterday and is ok, a bit frustrated though as he is what is known as ‘hobbled’. His back legs are tied to give him support when walking – so no walks or play for a week or two then he has to be careful which is a tall order for a 15 month old puppy!!! Coco is pleased to have him home, they will have a great time at Christmas again.

Speaking of which I hope you are having a great Advent and I take this opportunity to wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR, as I may not get back to the computer for a bit. In the middle of christmas cards and in the kitchen tomorrow……… No sign of any seasonal weather at Colwich yet but it’s cold enough!