Hi Everyone,

Just over a year ago (after the abbatial election), we were approached if we would be willing to host the next History Symposium and we said not for the following year but for 2012 and so it happened – yesterday (April 12th). It was a first for Colwich – well I think it may be a first (but could be a 2nd), certainly a first for 30 odd yrs anyhow, the EBC History Symposium was held at our wonderful Abbey!
   There was an amazing turn out of people for Mass, and the day was filled with wonderful talks – unfortunatly I didn’t get to some of them but that’s the way it goes! I think there were about 27 people who came and we provided a ‘typical Colwich abbey buffet’ on a smaller scale this time though……..

Everyone said how much they enjoyed their short visit and for many of them it was a first! Maybe they will come again either in a group or individually.

Sr. D