Dear Friends, I thought you may like to join in with us praying for vocations and especially to our community. I’d like to share this prayer with you so that you can join in with us.

A Prayer for Monastic Vocations!

 It is the Silence of our hearts, O Lord

That your voice calls us gently to turn from self-will

And surrender to you in our monastic vocation.

We thank you for that hidden gift and pray that

many others may hear your call to Monastic life.

May your loving grace give us strength to persevere

In St. Benedict’s way of peace and to witness faithfully

to the truth and love of your kingdom.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


If by any chance any of you are 6th Formers or Uni students or even teachers yourselves – perhaps you could organise a trip to our Abbey  and find out more of how we live and why we live the way we do!

To Some of the common questions : What are nuns and what do they do? ……  How do they live? ……  Am I called to be a Benedictine?…… Is it relevant today?………

Why don’t you contact me and we see if something could be arranged!