Hello, this is Sr. Scholastica –

Mother Abbess has asked me to  write to you all on the blog. This week before Advent is our ‘Recreation week’ before our Spiritual preparations begin, Mother Abbess will be making her famous mouth watering doughnuts with cream of course and Sr. Theresa Mary will bake her special scones.She already has made the main Christmas cake and lots of small ones – she has been busy in the kitchen.

Advent is rapidly coming up and we at the Abbey are preparing to be ready for the “Coming of Jesus”. This will be my first Christmas away from home, family, and friends. I am very lucky as I have a family here with my sisters in Christ.

We shall start with our preparations this Sunday (tomorrow Dec 2nd) with an Advent Retreat which will be held for 3 days.

Most of us have been allocated jobs ! I have been given a few jobs – helping Mother Abbess put up the Tree and decorations in the workroom and doing the Crib for the Chapel for the side near the Altar. There is so much work preparing for one of the most special days in our life and everyone doing something.

I am sure you will be very busy getting things ready ……..

It is a time that we could especially pray  for those who are homeless, the elderly and for PEACE in the world and for those who have not heard of Christ or do not want to respond to Christ’s invitation. Christmas is a ‘family time’ and there are plenty of people who have not got family.