February 2nd is universally known as the Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life. And this year I would like to do a little something extra to pray for this intention. Among some suggestions for Religious to do are:

to pray for discerners – ask the parish priest to promote this intention – invite people over for a day and talk to them – and many other ideas…………

But I would like to take up this opportunity to INVITE ALL CATHOLIC WOMEN DISCERNERS  to come along from 10.30am  for the DAY ONLY on the 2nd Feb — to meet us, share in our midday prayer and learn something of our monastic way of life through the ‘Lived Experience’ as it is totally different from just reading and hearing about what we do.

If possible could I ask you to let me know if  you would like to come or if it isn’t  possible for you to let me know just now —- please let me know the night before  if you intend to come along for a few hours or so, and PLEASE BRING A PACKED LUNCH WITH YOU !