Dear Friends,

I just want to let you know that I am leaving you in good hands with Sr. Scholastica at the helm with this Blog for the moment because I am making an unprecedented journey overseas to the Eternal City of Rome and Assisi for a few months to do a course. Please pray for me and for the community who will have to cope without me – it will be hard on both sides for them as well as for me but it is God’s will that I go.

But what a brilliant time to be in Rome – to experience the atmosphere during a Conclave – I wonder if the Holy Spirit will have guided his choice during my first weeks in Rome and hopefully no doubt we all will get the chance to go to the Inauguration Mass!!! or if it will be while I’m in Assisi ….??????

The course I’m doing if you’re interested is the Monastic Formator’s Program which is open to all Benedictine and Cistercian monks and nuns throughout the world, there are I think 25 of us on it this year – it will be amazing and if I get time will write when I get back on the experience! THAT IS IF YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT????

So for now good bye and God Bless you all ………………… BON VOYAGE !

PS… The new Header image is one from a sunset theme from our Terrace