Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make a post while here in Rome….here is something about yesterday’s exciting news….


Well where do I actually begin at this historic moment in the life of the Church!

Being in Rome at this time is really amazing and it is something which I never thought I would be doing, if anyone had asked me 20yrs or so ago if I would like to go to Rome I probably would have said no – and so when entering the monastery I knew that it would never happen now. But here I am – here in the heart of the life of the Church and witnessing one of the most spectacular moments in history.

As I am part of a group doing a Monastic Formation Program we decided on Tues evening to have a change of schedule so instead of having our mass together with lauds on Wednesday morning we decided to take a unplanned trip to see where St. Peter’s Bascillica was and to join in with mass at 5pm in Italian. Just to walk inside was fantastic but when it came to the mass the last line of the Gospel reading meant a lot to me and I had wondered if this was the holy spirit giving me an indication of something for it read, ‘…I do not seek my own will but the will of the one who sent me…’ from John 5. For that was very instrumental in my own life a few years previous and still is very much.

Anyhow, despite the pouring rain St. Peter’s Square was already filling up at 5.30pm and brollies were very much in evidence……. So once we had to leave the Basillica for it was shutting, at 6.30 we made our way down the side steps and just waited – there was an immense atmosphere which is really undescribable but just after 7pm when the smoke came out the roar said it all for where our little group stood in one way couldn’t have been more perfect we couldn’t see the smoke as it was round the corner – but we were right next to the bell and about 70ft or so away from the balcony it was something! When the bells started to ring we all tried to ring through to people but after many failed attempts on my part I gave up because the signal had been blocked! When the announcement came with the famous words .’ Habemus Papem’ then everyone just was exstatic emotions were high indeed.