Mass at San Pietro's

Mass at San Pietro’s

Inauguration mass of Papa Francesco

What an amazing day it has been. Today is the Feast of St. Joseph and it’s Tues 2013 and our new Papa Francesco has been installed as the new Bishop of Rome!

After having got up early to be on time we had breakfast at 6.30 and were to leave promptly at 7am, however we could if we wished leave on our own before hand and I took up this for although I still left at 6.45 there were plenty of people lining up to catch the Metro which incidently was proclaimed a day of free travel on the Metro and I guess the bus too because the tickets work for both… well between 5.30 & 2.30pm anyhow! I’m glad I went when I did ‘cause the street from the Occtaviero (don’t know the correct spelling) to San Pietro’s was packed and even we had to wait a few mins before being allowed to continue down the street. People were handing out pictures of our new Papa and going through security wasn’t too bad considering. It was standing room only as the Piazza was already half full and all chairs were taken but being there at 7.30 in the morning and standing was truly an experience especially being in St. Peter’s – and it still feels surreal and isn’t sinking in properly yet. Most people had books but I don’t seem to have had one and could find where they would be and I certainly wasn’t going to move I wanted to try and get the best view possible and wasn’t going to let it go! Just before Mass started and Pope Francis came in his Popemobile giving his blessing to the people was just so moving especially when kissing the babies and reaching out to the whole world…..I haven’t looked at the translation of his Homily yet but got snippets of it I think from certain words, about St. Joseph being the foster father of our Lord and was chosen to look after him, how we need to look after the poor, sick and lonely, about how he had chosen his name after St. Francis of Assisi……and much more. The weather has been so glorious for us today as well and the Lord is truly watching over us all you can get the sense of Grace being poured out not only on the people of Rome and its visitors but on the whole church. Another thing which strikes me is how the people of Rome accept all of us ‘foreigners’ and share ‘their Bishop’ with us. There was even a Cardinal in the streets signing photos afterwards…. I could go on and on about this and probably will when I get back, but this is all for now….

Papa Francesco

Papa Francesco