Just wanted to share a small fragment of a reading we had at midday prayer today – with you. It’s from Blessed Pope John Paul II:


‘…Religious life is first of all a life consecrated to God. A sign of this consecration is unselfish love.

By the gift of your life to Christ, as to the spouse, you show that the Lord deserves to be loved for himself, that the kingdom of God according to Jesus, with its apparent ‘folly’ warrants the dedication of your life to it, and that the realities of the hereafter are so strong as to make you want to share in them even now. For you who are contemplatives, this aspect is evident: the free choice of your life of prayer and penance stuns, seduces or irritates the world, but never leaves it indifferent, especially today. But, even if you lead an active life people must also be able to easily recognise the One to whom you consecrated your life.

In your community life, you try to live with deep charity among sisters who did not choose each other. Your Religious vows help you precisely to live this donation: obedience makes you available to others, poverty makes you unselfish, chastity frees you from possessive relationship…….’