Lent – When Lent approaches we are busy with trying to think what are we going to do for Lent! We question each other about what are you doing? It is more often than not I think we say, ‘give up chocolate, or sugar, biscuits, cakes, do some extra prayers etc…’ but what is the meaning of lent and for the ‘little things we give up’? Isn’t it about not satisfying ourselves but rather to GET CLOSER TO GOD and to go back to a conversion within our hearts, for a renewal in our lives, reflecting on our own personal relationship with God?

Lent is about prayer, penance and fasting but it is also a season of joy and confidence. One of the hardest things in this season is to admit that we may be wrong, it’s not my fault etc, but aren’t we in fact making choices and sometime those choices are wrong, we follow them up.

In a recent talk we had given to us, I was reminded of a simple format to help me in my own journey and it goes back to the Desert Fathers and how they helped people who came to them:

  • We are full of thought, and we should, name them, claim them, tame them and aim them. That is name them by our recognition of them
  • claim them by our acceptance in our lives
  • tame them by our penaces
  • aim them towards God

So Happy Lent to you all and look forward to the joys of EASTER !