Recently I was asked via a phone call if I or one of the other sisters would be willing and able to help out at short notice to speak about Vocation.

Well after some time in prayer and discussion I decided I would – it would be a brilliant opportunity to a)  be a witness and b)  to speak of a religious vocation

It was an amazing experience and may I add a one off. It seems that all were very receptive and the age was 14yrs. The feed back was brilliant and lots of questions, the groups really engaged.

Some main points I mentioned were: the psalms, prayer and work, were today’s idea of a monastery came from, our life today, and why I became a Benedictine! and  Lots more ………..

So if any of you that have heard me yesterday, come across this Blog yet, and would like to post any comments PLEASE DO SO I would be glad to hear from you!