hello again

Hi everyone,

As you know we are now closed as a community. The monastery is now up for sale!

Despite all this doom and gloom over the last year, we have had some good times including last spring with a duck and her 14 ducklings even though only 12 survived. Well, this year the ducks are back. Yes, mom and dad are here and this morning there were 4 ducks in the courtyard again. I await to see what happens and hope mom has another little brood. So far it is wet, windy and cold but she’s a touch cookie and will do ok.

M. D

2 thoughts on “hello again

  1. I trust you are coping well with your personal solitude. I was touched when I read about your closing of your monastery; often the Lord speaks in unforeseen ways doesn’t he, and no doubt He has had much to say to you! I do hope that you will find a satisfactory buyer for your property: ability to savour the beauty and fascination in nature around you will be a source of strength for you in your wait. God be with you as you go it alone, although you are not really alone; this last week before Easter will be another one where you will meet the unexpected as Jesus has the courage to ask a lot of us – He knows how we will keep going with Him! United as we journey with Jesus; we too have been without any of our friends able to come in for over a year now! With many elderly sisters we have been in a permanent lockdown! I am fortunate as I have a narrow opening through the houses opposite and see the sea!
    Easter joy!
    Susan R.J.M.

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