5.30 – Rise, half hour private prayer and breakfast.

7.10 – Morning Office

8.00 -Space

8.30 – Conventual Mass followed by a hot drink.

O9.30- 10.30 – Noviceship class/ work/lectio.

11.30 – Midday Office

12.30 – lunch

13.15 – free time

13.45 – work/lectio

15 15 – tea

15.30 – 16.30 -Recreation – half hour together, half hour alone or in small groups if wished.

16.30 – rosary/conference/prayer   OR   silent prayer in chapel before Vespers.

17.15 -noviceship class.

18.00 – Vespers

18.30 – supper

19.15 – free time to pray/read/relax

20.00 – Compline


22.00 – Lights out.

Benedictine way is one of balance – prayer, work and study – which form a rhythm. The rhythm of the Rule supports us, guides us, gives us a frame work, a helping hand, a pathway to God and by living it fully we are saturated in God. The Divine Office and Lectio form the basis of our private prayer and fill us as we work which in itself becomes prayer. For Benedictines prayer and work are not seperate, work doesnot take us away from prayer but becomes another way of living and expressing it – in  service to our brethren, so forming part of the whole.The day becomes infused and there are no real breaks between one thing and the other.

17 thoughts on “Timetable

  1. I remember visiting the abbey when Dame Teresa was a novice and Dame Monica was a junior and l was a “seeking” teenager. I was delighted to read your blog and to see that they are both still faithfully serving the lord. Good luck with the the endeavour and thank you for sharing your inspiring life choice. God bless you in your vocations..

  2. greetings dear sisters

    it has been great to read through your site and blogs as it gives be a better insite into your community and life.

    which is great as my friend Adele is now with you there. so i can see a little more of how things are for her on your site which i am greateful for.
    look forward to reading more
    yours in Christ Jesus

  3. Ksren B – Dame Monica is sitting here beside me, she says’ I’ve just seen our blog and your message. I remember well your visit, you came for my solemn profession with Dame Gertrude ( now Abbess) who was novice mistress at the time. She was just returning from a meeting at Ealing Abbey and she brought you with her to do your aspirancy. I am really amazed to hear from you after all this time – it was the 20th June 1979. What are you doing now? Love from Sr Monica.

  4. Dear sister Monica, how lovely that you remember me. I remember your solemn profession and my train journey with Dame Gertrude so clearly. It was wonderful. I have often thought of it over the years. I still live in Ealing. My work is with people who have profound learning and physical disabilities. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and l love it. It’s amazing to me that we are led to the “right” place for us. Love Karen

  5. How brave were you sister Magdalene. There is no way l would have stayed quiet and reverent while dealing with the “enemy” spider. Well done.

  6. I’m leaving a comment here, Sr. Adele, as the post about photos where you ask for advice has closed comments. Hope you get to read this.

    As I understand it, WordPress has limited space for pictures, unless you buy extra. Some other (free) blogging platforms don’t appear to have the same restrictions. For instance, I’ve never encountered such a problem with Blogger – but that’s just one platform among many.

    Changing platform isn’t impossible, but it would need careful research before you made a jump like that. You could try looking at the blogs of others who have done this – Google Blog Search would help here, I should think!

    Blessings & things


  7. Ok, so I’m a bit slow! I just found this absolutely wonderful addition to your “About” section dated Friday 14th February 2008! Now, I had read the “About” and “About Us” section months ago and just assumed (you know what it means when you ‘assume’!) it was the same, no updates by you! What a silly person I’ve been!

    What you wrote on Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day in the US – IS like a love letter to us who are discerning a call to Colwich and Benedictine life! So, I just wanted to say thank for such a well written and explanatory post on your life. It has given me a much better look and understanding of your Benedictine life there. I had been wondering about the prayer and work and study, etc. and the amount of private time and community, etc. The timetable in the “About Us” is helpful but this explanation is even more so.

    So if you have anything else to add, please do! This sort of info and others is so helpful to vocation discerners. God bless, Sr. Marie-Therese


  8. Dear Sr. Marie-Therese,

    Greetings! How lovely it was to hear from you yesterday. Yes, please do share the poem with your bloggers.

    I have enjoyed perusing your blog, seeing the photos and learning more about your beautiful way of life. Your buildings look so “ancient”! The architecture in itself is very inspiring.

    Let us be united in worshiping the Lamb!

  9. Sr John-Mary, thankyou for that, as you will see the poem is now up, it really is a lovely one. I too enjoy your site and will keep up on it, let us definitely be united in our worship, pax.

  10. Dear Sisters,
    Please keep up your blog. It is always welcome to hear the Benedictine attitude to prayer and spiritual development. Without prying into the personal, it would be interesting to hear anything you have to say on the development that takes place as women join and grow into the community.

  11. I am very surprised to see you have the rosary. The Benedictine usually have it privatly, don’t they? You have long days though. It’s common to every benedictine convent.

    Yes it is in private the rosary is, not public

  12. I don’t see Matins (Readings) on your schedule. Do you do this privately? And I assume you either don’t do the other two daytime offices (Terce and None) or you include them with the Midday Office?

    1. Hi,
      Matins and Lauds are joined together and form Morning Office, and as you rightly suspect Terce and None are joined to form Midday Office. Hope this helps?

      Sr. D

  13. Thanks Sr D – This info is actually elsewhere on your site – but I hadn’t read the page “A Day at Colwich” yet when I posted the question. That makes sense to me. Thanks again.

  14. Hello, I just wanted to say I have found it fascinating to read the blog, all the questions and answers. I am not even Catholic, but am considering converting. You all sound so kind and caring (yes I realise that is probably the norm for nuns!), and I just wanted to thank you for the blog and your other endeavours. I work in a job where I see so much sadness and some not very nice human traits, it’s good to be reminded that God is with us all. God bless 🙂

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