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I thought I would start this page to give you some links to sites about all things Benedictine – suggestions and questions are very welcome, Pax.

The Online Guide to St Benedict  –  this site contains lots of easily available information on St Benedict.

The English Benedictine Congregation web site – including the ordo, monasteries and news.

The Benedictine Way – a yahoo group which shares information and questions on Benedictine spirituality. Includes daily Gospel readings and reflections; a daily reflection on the Rule from St Mary’s Abbey, Petersham USA and inspiring words from many spiritual writers.

Ampleforth Abbey – as well as information about the monastery and school there is an online shop with a good selection of benedictine books and reflections. go to the abbey website itself and gets lots of info and suggestions for lectio and recommended reading – you can even recommend books yourself.

Monastery of Christ in the desert – you can subscribe to weekly newsletters and a homily given by the Abbot.

Genesee Abbey –  Cistercian monks, a foundation from Gethsemani where Thomas Merton was. You can sign up for daily homilies, weekly news, a reflection on lectio and news from the guest master. These monks also bake their own bread so if you are in the USA you could try it out.


Order of Saint – lots of reading, lectio, general info about things Benedictine.  St Johns abbey  -at the start to click on- do daily homilies and reflections which are very good.

2 thoughts on “Ben’ Resources

  1. I would appreciate to know if the Ampleforth Abbey provides a daily mail with the Gospel and a reflection on the same.

    If it does not, I would be grateful to know which Benedictine link would be the one to provide it.

    Thanking you in advance, yours sincerely,

    Lucrecia GG

  2. Hi Lucretia welcome to our blog. You can check out Ampleforth from the link about – just go the abbey website at the top rather than the others, it is very easy to find your way around from there.
    From checking it out myself I found that they do a weekly homily which you can sign up for but not daily ones, they do have some great stuff on lectio though that you can sign up for.
    Another recommendation – I get this one myself – is Genesee Abbey that i have only just put up. They do a weekly homily and news with daily reflections and lectio.
    St Johns Abbey under Order of St Benedict also do daily things that you can sign up for.
    The monastic way yahoo group sends the Rule of St Benedict with a reflection every day, you can also write in and ask for more information about Benedictine things and be part of the discussion if you like. The Rule and reflections are very good, we often use them as a base to take off from in our classes
    i hope this helps, happy reading and reflecting, sr marie therese.

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