A life of service……


What a clebration for mass, it is a wonderful feast which we are celebrating, it is the mass of all masses, and one in which we have a special and active part. When you think of it, really, you are taking part of the Paschal Feast, and can understand what Our Lord was doing, for us. He truly gave us an example to follow and one of service.

Maunday Thurs at the Val Cannuta in Rome

Maunday Thurs at the Val Cannuta in Rome

With very fond memeries of Holy Week last year in Rome, and the act of service through the Washing of the Feet etc…..

Mother Abbess at the Mandatum

Mother Abbess at the Mandatum

In community the Abbess washes the feet of the sisters before lunch time!







Holy Thurs 004

The Altar of Repose

The Altar of Repose


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Palm Sunday

Remembering my time in Roma last year and of course Palm Sunday, it was a glorious day and what an atmosphere. Memories and picture – thank goodness for them!

Palm Sunday at St. Peter's

Palm Sunday at St. Peter’s



Wishing you all a very HAPPY AND                      HOLY,

                  HOLY WEEK & EASTER ! 


Hard to think that this time last year we had celebrated Mass at St. Peter’s Tomb. What an amazing experience, and it was Divine Mercy Sunday also. I feel so blessed to have had that opportunity to go to Rome last year, and will never forget the experience!

This year’s come and see

We will be having our annual ‘Come & See’ weekend in Aug from Thurs 14th till Sun 17th Aug, the timetable is as has been in the past although some content will be very different this time round!

So ladies, if you are interested and discerning why not get in touch with me and I hope to see you in Aug!

M. Davina