Monastic experience weekend……..

Dear everyone!

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather in England?

I have got the content of our weekend, and it will be:

  • Discipleship
  • Holy rule of St. Benedict
  • House History
  • lectio
  • and maybe a vocation story or two????? to be arranged……..

I still have a place or two open if anyone wants to come – let me know, I have at the moment 3 people coming and if you arrive about 4pm on Thurs 14th that would be great as Vespers is at 5pm!

Don’t forget to bring a Bible and a pair of outdoor shoes / boots if poss. Let’s hope for good weather.

Going back to School….?

Recently I was asked via a phone call if I or one of the other sisters would be willing and able to help out at short notice to speak about Vocation.

Well after some time in prayer and discussion I decided I would – it would be a brilliant opportunity to a)  be a witness and b)  to speak of a religious vocation

It was an amazing experience and may I add a one off. It seems that all were very receptive and the age was 14yrs. The feed back was brilliant and lots of questions, the groups really engaged.

Some main points I mentioned were: the psalms, prayer and work, were today’s idea of a monastery came from, our life today, and why I became a Benedictine! and  Lots more ………..

So if any of you that have heard me yesterday, come across this Blog yet, and would like to post any comments PLEASE DO SO I would be glad to hear from you!



Content for Aug…..

The content of the weekend program hopefully will be:

  • Discipleship
  • Early Monasticsim
  • House History
  • Prayer & Work in the Benedictine Tradition of daily living
  • and of course ….. fellowship

Hoping to see some of you shortly !!!


Just sending out a reminder that if you are interested, our Come & See weekend for possible discerners is 14th – 17th Aug and there are plenty of places available as I’ve had a cancellation – but don’t let that put you off!!!!!

feast of st. john

Hi everyone!
I’m asking for you to pray along with us for our local Parish of St. John the Baptist as it is their Feast day tomorrow (we’ve just celebrated and prayed 1st Vespers).

Also, with us it is a tradition that this feast is that of the Novice mistress, so could you join me in prayer also to pray for all the Novice master’s and Novice mistresses on their feast – but i don’t know if any other communites have this tradition but its a nice one as john was the precursor for Our Lord in calling the people to repentance, the Novice Director has to form the person in formation in community!

Nice thought really!!!

Thanks and God bless………….

……..asking for prayers…..

Hello everyone !

I have had an email from someone who is asking us (the community) to pray for her 3 and half yr old son who is very, very ill with e-coli. Would you be able to assist us in your prayers too.

She is also asking if we know of anyone who does ‘Healing’, I think she lives somewhere down south but am not sure. So I am asking you, Do any of you know of anyone who does HEALING ? If so could you contact me and I could then pass on the details.

We can of course pray for a miracle – but each person will choose someone different to pray to, I will inevitably turn to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!